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Light to Medium Towing

This is a picture of a light to medium towing.

Whether your battery dies at the Rock City Gardens or the Tennessee Aquarium our services have you covered. Our light to medium towing services can help you no matter where you are in Chattanooga, and no matter where you are we will get there fast. We have the best team and trucks that perform superbly.

Our light towing services are those are more generally known the public as towing services.  A vehicle that has been left unattended and is seemingly abandoned that needs towing, towing a vehicle from private property to maybe the junkyard or wherever you need it to go. As for medium towing services they usually are similar but the vehicle is a larger one that is a bit more complicated to move. 

Light Towing

The type of towing that is more regularly needed by the general public is the type of towing most often described as light towing. Light towing are the jobs that do not need complicated equipment. It may be just that a regular car has had an engine stall, or the battery has died or a jump-start is needed.

Our light towing trucks can handle all these and more.  If it is essential to move an abandoned vehicle to clear away a traffic accident or clean up after a collision we can handle it for you.  Our light towing services also move cars from private property.

Medium Towing

Our expert towers can get you out of any situation. To our team there is very little difference from light towing to medium towing. In actuality medium towing is very similar to light towing. Medium towing mainly consists of all the things the light towing duties would take part in.  in an incidence where the vehicle needing assistance is of a larger size or is in a very confined space the work increases and it becomes a medium towing service.

Vehicles that would be involved with medium towing service could be vans, trucks, small trailers and company vehicles.


The experts working for our towing service are trained and waiting for your call. The work can be light towing service or medium towing service our trucks equipped for this kind of work are ready. Reliable and quick to arrive at your location the readiness of our team is undeniable.

Light and medium towing may be a smaller job for us but it is just as important as any other work and we take it all very seriously. What matters to us is your satisfaction and safety with the work that we have done.  As soon as we get that call about a stalled engine or motorcycle needing towed, we are on our way to you.


Towing smaller vehicles and handling lighter to medium towing jobs are good for us. They keep us on our toes. We like to give the most efficient service out there and when you need us we make sure to get the job done as professionally as possible, in the fastest manner possible.

Our team has been working in the towing industry for years and we bring that efficiency of experience to every job that gets completed so we leave knowing we left you with a job done right. We have our towing trucks waiting and ready and we have enough to cover all of Chattanooga.

Chattanooga, TN