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Emergency Roadside Assistance

This is a picture of an emergency roadside assistance.

When the unthinkable happens and you find yourself in a situation that needs emergency roadside assistance, we are here.  Unbearable as it is to imagine the possibility of something happening to a loved one, it is a comfort knowing there are great services out there to help those in need.

No one wants anyone to be in an emergency situation ever but when they occur so randomly, reliable services like the ones we offer, are necessary and needed.  Prepared professionals familiar with all things towing and recovery- whether it is a rotator service needed or a flatbed - you want the experts at times like these and we are those experts.


When an emergency is taking place there is a stress of urgent assistance needed. There is also a lot at risk.  Professionals are needed in emergencies because they are trained to not only do the right thing but handle the chaos that has and or might concur.  Trained professionals are clam in the situation so what needs to be done is done with precision and focus.

The team at Chattanooga Towing Service are all trained, and certified in operating the various vehicles we have to assist you in any emergency.  They are also experienced in many different situations bringing our expertise to every incident we serve.


The best way to handle an unpredictable situation is to be prepared for all situations. We offer so many different services because we are prepared for so many different incidents including emergencies in need of roadside assistance.

Our equipment and our trucks is of the best quality and they all go under rigorous inspection to ensure that everything is properly and safely functioning.  With this done routinely we are able to catch at any faulty equipment and upgrade regularly ensuring that our services are always the most efficient. Here our expert towers are ready for anything that comes our way, and anything that comes your way.


Our current employees and the employees before that have a library of towing knowledge locked in their collective experiences. We inform each other of the difficulties and wins that we have encountered in our day-to-day work life. We keep a record of cases so we can learn from each other and remember the lessons taught.

Communication within staff is of utmost importance to us, and keeping a fresh body of knowledge assists in understanding everything about our trade. That paired with our staffs certified training, diplomas, and safety procedures we have the superior knowledge that assists in all situations, especially emergencies.


Our reputation for our friendly efficient service also extends itself to our reliability in emergency situations.  We are known for getting to the scene of the incident rapidly, soon after the call has been made. We handle everything in our ability professionally and our clients are so grateful they tell their friends. We are fast and we are caring and we show our clients courteous respect in these difficult times.

We have the proper equipment and the right knowledge with the best training. When it comes to emergency roadside assistance our professionals are the ones you want on the roadside with you.

Chattanooga, TN