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About Us

This is a picture of an emergency roadside assistance.

The main intention behind this business was to provide a solid service, and we did that. We continue to do that. When we started it was for friends and family cause we had an expertise with towing matters that they didn’t have. Back in those first days our number of trucks and employees were on a much smaller scale. Throughout the years it was necessary to grow and it was good for us. We became even more knowledgeable of all things in the towing business. We have been serving Chattanooga for years and have built up this business through hard work professionalism and a good neighborly attitude.

We want people to feel comfortable asking questions and calling us up anytime. We’ve often been told that we remind our clients of a relative, a son or cousin. Our family business exudes the importance of family with the laid back nature of familiarity.

We love our job.  Tow trucks, towing, winch outs and flat beds help us get you solutions and we are excited about helping you solve your problems.  Our towing company has helped a lot of people. Sometimes a little roadside assistance can mean a lot to someone, especially if they are having a bad day.

We have been fortunate to grow in the way that we have. However it was always strong work ethic and commitment to our customers that ensured our customers they would get the service they deserved. Thankfully our customers have shown their appreciation in return by telling their friends.

Chattanooga, TN